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Coming to you live from Washington DC, where poetry has been celebrated and lived for the past few days, and the Shirley Temples flow freely, my introductory DW post!

Hello dreamwidth! I am a product of the technologic generation, the Southern US's weather and manners, of thunderstorms and free-will apples, of the Southern Baptist church and subsequent rejection for what all it stands, of the sf/f section of the bookstore and waiting for anime torrents. I want to be a librarian. I want to march in parades. I want to be myself, as loud as I can.

Sorry loves, I've got slam poetry beats under my fingers-- they make me want to start a revolution.

I'm in DC for Poetry Out Loud (a poetry recitation contest far different from slam poetry, in that you are quieter, less angry, and reading other people's poems), because my friend made it to Nationals and we all skivved out on school the week before finals (or AP exams, for my high school friends) to come cheer her on. She didn't make it, but it was a cool contest nonetheless, and just a kind of awesome celebration of the written word given voice.

However, once the celebration was over, the poetry wasn't done. About 8 state champions also participate in slam poetry, and so we walked out to a little park in the middle of the city, amid the ambulances and the streetlights, and they slammed. A lot of people came by to watch, including a lot of the judges and contestants, to see something different and a lot-- raw-er, than the polished presentations. It was a very cool experience.

And in honor of the judge who came by our dinner table to recite a poem and leave (why can't this be normal conversation?) I'll give you a bite and go.

The girl looked at the dog
The dog looked at the girl
"How can I be free?"
"How can I be free?"
-anon 12 year old Chinese girl