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snazzy ([personal profile] snazzy) wrote2011-06-09 08:10 pm

the beach

Summer is glorious.

Red sun sets over wet sand-- an exercise in brevity.

The sky looks like a pastel rainbow over the living ocean.

As-- loud, as my family is, as unfit as I am, it can be nice. Children playing with lightsabers, reading books next to me on my couch, videogames before the pool (katamari and kingdom hearts II), tentatively dirty jokes with my aunts and grandfather, and the politest, nicest sections of myself.

your poem:

The Bird - Hiroshi Kawasaki
I want to sing of the bird
In a most fundamental way
First, his beak
His wings
His body
His legs
His tail
His eyes
That's all I need to say
With those alone
A bird can fly